Michika. 『Where the stars gather』

2019.7.20  -  2019.7.26

Space Art Pocket
Exhibition Description Photography,Sundries,Fashion,Accessory
Profile From Saitama Prefecture.Living in Nagano prefecture

Studied oil painting in high school and then graduated from Kuwasawa Design Laboratory fashion design major.
Makes Michika. While attending school and works as a handmade artist, but pauses at work.
After experiencing various jobs,I resumed Michika. When I was married, and freely made production activities.

【I will be there every day.】
Exhibition Description It brings out the unknown potential that you have.

I think all women are Cinderella.
It is the brand called Michika. That applies the magic to become more beautiful.

I decide the image theme from things, events, places and emotions, etc. and make works.
Designs and patterns are by me, and sewing is done by my mother with 40 years of sewing experience.

Originally I liked cute clothes and clothes that could be beautiful princesses.
But if you grow up, you will have to match up with other people around you.
I want to wear clothes and accessories freely.
It's a dream that blends into reality, something unusual, yet something that can be worn casually.

Concept 【Where the stars gather】

A star, it's a shining thing.

I compared the star to a woman and put a wish that any person would like to shine.
Sheer sense and glitter material, pattern well adopted, cute taste.