Wearing Maia 『Harajuku Poi』

2019.7.21  -  2019.7.27

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Profile Wearing Maia has been at the forefront of entire head to toe outfits, designed to celebrate your inner awkwardness, since 2013.

The latest range `Harajuku Poi' T-shirts are focused around the love for colour, nostalgia and cuteness ingrained in the Harajuku street culture.

The exclusive apparel is made with limited fabrics and handicrafts so each garment is unique and made with love, care and durability. All garments are one offs however, depending on fabric and stock, may be available in custom sizes, colours and details so please DM for customs or commissions. Please be mindful of the 14~21 day manufacturing period.

Wearing Maia utilities traditional handicrafts in an unconventional manner, working with embroidery, original stencilling, painting, tapestry and patch work to create sentiment and long lasting garments.

Every piece is made with aesthetics as the goal, and sustainability in mind. By incorporating pre-loved and vintage fabrics wherever possible and by utilising local businesses in both Japan and Australia, you can be happily assured its ethically sourced and thoughtfully made, so that each garment is as good for the earth as it is on your fine behind.
Exhibition Description The ‘Harajuku Poi’ T-shirt collection was inspired by the iconic colours and shapes representing familiar Japanese brands, that can be seen around the streets of Harajuku.

The unbridled colour and familiars motifs are hand sewn to create sentiment and ethically made garments in contrast to the mass market industry.

The fairy floss colors and kawaii silhouettes celebrate Harajuku decora fashion, in a nostalgic yet futuristic way.

All items are one off and hand sewn. Some pieces can be made to order in different sizes or colours.

Concept 'Harajuku Poi' is made using t-shirts that had been up-cycled either from thrift shops or made using up-cycled fabric wherever possible. Wearing Maia focuses on sustainable decora fashion, to show that style should not impact the environment.

Each piece is hand made and a one off to add sentiment and longevity to the clothing life cycle, so as to reduce landfill and resources.

Each piece is inspired by an element of Harajuku, weather it be the iconic vending machines, the blue recycling bins, the combinis with our favourite snacks or the Harajuku girls themselves, each T-shirt embodies the aura of Harajuku.

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