Marui Nmaru & Inakawa Aneko 『Nekotoba Exhibition』

2019.7.21  -  2019.7.27

Space 101
Exhibition Description Objet,Graphic Art,Photography
Profile Marui Nmaru(Freelance Designer&illustrator)
It is a designer liking a word and a radio and a movie.

Inakawa Aneko(Stylist&illustrator)
Under two protection cats and life. I like a cat, music, a fashion.
Exhibition Description I am usually active individually. I crossed a team for the purpose of T-shirt exhibition participation. I want to suggest the new expression of the T-shirt for us.
Concept Inakawa's theme "cat" and Marui's theme "Word"

It is a design in "Nekotoba T-shirt" intended, "I take a cat and A photograph" for the cause in words "Good Morning" "Runch" "I love you" "Good Night" of four to cross the theme of two people, and to tell a cat every day. Of the important memory with the cat not to be possible by the application processing leave It, and suggest one. I display cats and photograph 50-100 pieces which I photographed.