2019.7.14  -  2019.8.10

Space E-9
Profile ・JOSHIBI UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN GRADUATE SCHOOL  Print 2nd grade student Chinese students

・Paste (collage): I thought that the style of the work so far was diverse. I personally love contemporary art, so my collage work also incorporates many design elements.

・Art Book: This book is made by selecting, copying and creating funny works. It is a book where you put various things such as collages, photo stickers, etc. on paper or paper depending on lines and colors.

Exhibition Description ①Paste picture (collage)
②Art book
Concept For me, I am not a traditional person, and I do not want to exhibit or create my work in a traditional way. I like to make works that I find fun. It is a work to impress people. Instead of meeting everyone's preferences, whenever I create a work to create a work from now on, I enjoy the process of creating a work and the time to make people happy. I do not mind the image of the final work.