2020.11.16  -  2020.11.21

Space 1-B
Exhibition Description Painting,Illustration,Graphic Art
Profile Kaori Yoshida(from "Command+F") is a Japanese graphic designer working and living in Tokyo.
After she graduated college she started editorial design and web development at "Digital Hollywood" a unique school of digital content creation in Tokyo. After which, she started working for "Design Festa Office" which manages "Design Festa Gallery" here.
Now she works as a freelance designer, and top of that she is a teacher at "Digital Hollywood" teaching how to make web sites and graphic design.
Exhibition Description Kaori Yoshida 's work takes inspiration from avant-garde poster design, North European's fabric pattern design and Tenugui which is a type of traditional Japanese towel.

Kaori Yoshida belonged to an art club and learned to paint in oils and to paint in acrylic color. Now she draws pictures using an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil and prints on canvas, moreover she paints in acrylic color and uses resins and other materials.
Concept In this exhibition you can see digital printed car
illustrations which were released on Instagram since 2019.