Dani Onil ( SKAN) 『Trans4mation』

2019.10.10  -  2019.10.11

スペース名 2-D
出展内容 絵画
プロフィール The works on carton and black paper are made during difficult period of my life.
2015-2016 I were sicked and got no money. As artist, I search I need to work and art is my medecine. So I choose collected free carton and turn all my pain into the energy you can feel through my exhibition.
展示コンセプト 10041 (Hundred for one). I started are from the streets.
I use to sell my cards to the tourists in bars...years after I won price in Africa and 3 prices in FRANCE. Then learnt from Strasbourg University.
This project is about to help a student in Africa. The one who will be chosen will come back after studies to help his village with the knowledges. I will exhibit 100 stuffs all around the world to achieve this goal.