MSB Artwork by Mani Boutard

2020.6.5  -  2020.6.7

スペース名 301
出展内容 絵画
プロフィール " A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world" - Hans Hoffman -

Travel, photography and art lover.
Self-taught artist, her first step in painting was in 2007 in South Korea.
Learning for 3 years, the discipline and delicate art of hangeul Calligraphy and traditional korean painting "Sagunja", with her professor "seonsaengnim" Hwang Sung-Soon, in Seoul.
In 2009, she started to explore oil and acrylic painting, as well as the technique of hanji crafts (made with traditional korean mulberry paper) in her atelier.
Since, creation of her artwork is a way to communicate her experiences and emotion, through colors and her own perceptions.
Her paintings, on canvas, linen or wood panel, is an exploration of different styles, and techniques.
Playing with ink, oil, and acrylic painting, that she likes to combine with ceramic, sand, Japanese washi paper and Korean hanji paper.

Living in Japan since 2015, inspired by Japanese icons, urban art and nature, her work is a modern and stylized view of her journey.

From the expression of her paintbrushes rise a colorful and poetic collection of artworks, that keep on changing along her path of discovery and creativity...
活動内容 Cross-Road, an encounter between artists and styles
展示コンセプト Painting Exhibition