David McGovern 『忘却機』

2020.8.1  -  2020.8.31

スペース名 シアター
出展内容 映像
プロフィール David McGovern is a video artist and educator based in London. His work centres on inner experiences; using moving image to facilitate reflection and speculate on our future.

David is a visiting lecturer at University of the Arts London. He runs a variety of workshops that reimagine our relationship to film. ‘Thinking Through Moving Image’ uses video-making as a tool to unblock the thought process, much like you might use a sketchbook to draw idly and daydream.

The work showing at Design Festa was completed in a residency at Studio Kura in Kyushu. ‘The Machine Forgets’, shot between Nepal and Japan, imagines a device that allows us to remove unwanted memories. He has screened the work in Itoshima and Takeo.
展示コンセプト 忘却機 [The Machine Forgets] is an experimental sci-fi short film reflecting on the tethers of remembering. The video and photo work encourages us to leave behind unwanted memories, and try to live more presently and freely. The narrator recounts his daily ritual of forced forgetting, a self-imposed practice of banishing memories. He offers the viewer the chance to experience a digital version of his forgetting technique. He warns you that this will erase your memory.