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IKA “IKA TEN 2”, E:301-302

November 24th, 2010 No comments

IMG_3907I’m glad I caught the “Ika Ten 2” before its ending tomorrow.  Two artists I met were really nice and patient with me through my broken Japanese.  Isn’t that sweet?  The first person I met was Osamu Takabatake.  He told me his inspiration for his pictures comes from his memories as a child.  He’s a really funny guy, I asked him if that was his hand around the toy rabbit (above) and he told that it wasn’t but that he was the toy rabbit!  He also told me his favorite thing about the Design Festa Gallery is all the different kinds of art that are being displayed. I asked him what he wanted to do in the future and he proudly answered: assistant TV director. I thought that was cool, maybe he’ll produce his own show in the future, watch out for him!

Osamu's pictures

Osamu's pictures

Osamu's pictures

Osamu's pictures

Next, I met another artist who had more whimsical designs.  She was also very nice. She told me her inspirations stems from the living and the dead, fashion, music, and art…a whole mix of things.  She’s been to the gallery five or six times but this is her first exhibit.  She hopes to draw forever and eventually have a solo exhibit.



Both artists!

Both artists!

Good luck to both of you!
IKA “IKA TEN 2″ – E301 + E302 From Nov.18(Thu) – Nov.25(Thu)!

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November 24th, 2010 No comments

So in case I didn’t mention it before my name is Christine and I am the foreign intern. I’ve been writing updates on the blog since September and I also do the english twitter at times (check it out here).  I am studying abroad in Tokyo and (like mentioned above) I am an intern here at Design Festa.  I’d say I have the coolest internship in the world (especially in my program) and so my friends like to come and visit the gallery, by now they are pretty much regulars.  Today my friends from my host university came to visit the gallery. Yu and Kaori:

Yu & Kaori

Yu & Kaori

They went to Design Festa vol. 32 earlier this month (if you didn’t go to the vol. 32 make sure to check out vol. 33 in May!) and said they would come visit the gallery soon.  Today was the day. Yu told me she’s seen a picture of the gallery in black and white so when she’s saw it in person she was blown away. She said “…the red piping…I was so surprised.”  She likes how she can interact with an artists in person.  “I want to see inside their minds, they have their own world that we can’t imagine.” Kaori agreed, she said she was very impressed by the gallery. She feels the artists here are genius because art is their mind”. She went on to say how she felt each picture gave her a feeling of warmth and kindness.  She says “it is all connected to the mind”.

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DFG Visitors!

November 17th, 2010 1 comment

IMG_3798Look at the picture above, come on, I had to ask them some questions! This group from California plus one from Italy (Christopher Eclipse, Gretchen, Cristina, Ashley Joy Beck, an Alexandra Matthews) stumbled upon Design Festa today and had a blast.  They’re all artists by nature (look at them) and came to Japan to perform and do other artsy things.  I asked how they found the gallery and they said they saw it from a distance and decided to check it out.  Their reactions:

“We were looking for something spiritual  and this is what we needed”

“Fate brought this upon us”

“[Its] refilling…we were like a sponge…”

“I have tremendous respect for this place”

“Almost-like being on acid…”

“This is who we are.”

Spoken like true artists!


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Currently: W1:A

November 17th, 2010 No comments


Hiro and Chia make up Siskin, the artists who are currently in W1:A.  Their exhibit is called “13+one”, I suggest to see it soon because the exhibit is over on the 23rd of November.




I had a brief chat with both Hiro and Chia and both girls talked to me about their experiences in the Design Festa gallery so far and what their future plans were. Both girls told me was not their first time at the gallery and that they continue to come back because it gives them freedom.  They also like being around other artists because exciting to see their works. Hiwa quickly added “I like Harajuku”.  Siskin plans to keep drawing, Chia said “…that is my dream”. I wish Siskin the best of luck!

Siskin W1:A Wed. Nov. 17 to Tues. November 23rd.

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Currently in: W2-D, W2-E

November 10th, 2010 No comments


There’s a really good photo exhibit in 2D-E with four photographers  and I had the chance to sit down with one: YUKi-TO.  YUKi-TO is actually somewhat of a regular, he’s exhibited at the gallery five or six times since 2002. So I asked him why does he hold some of his exhibits here and he said: this place is where I can show my favorite work.  He added that at Design Festa  “we can perform freely”.  YUKi-TO on what inspires him: I always see many good photographs and websites, those good photos inspire me.  He went on to tell me about his future plans.  He said although he is a hired professional photographer he still creates pictures for himself that he displays on his personal website.  You can see these pictures in West gallery along with pictures from Karin, Rin, and Bioholicer from now until Sunday November 14th in room W:2-D, 2-E.


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Currently: West Gallery+Cafe

November 3rd, 2010 No comments

All taken within the last 40 minutes.





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Currently: 1-G

November 3rd, 2010 No comments

IMG_3421Nigel told me to check out this exhibit in 1G today and I’m glad he mentioned it.  Not only were the illustrations good but both artists were extremely nice.  I spoke with both Sugiyama Mari and Junko briefly about their exhibit. Suiyama talked to my about her images saying she was inspired by the seasons and weather and everything else came from where her imagination took her.


IMG_3419Junko talked to me about her stained-glass creations.  She also showed me her illustrations also kind of inspired by the elements of weather and/or seasons.  When asked if she like Design Festa she said she did and that she likes it because it give her freedom,Sugiyama agreed.



Check it out for yourself, its located in west gallery in room 1G and the last day this Friday, November 5th!

Sugiyama Mari:


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