Hangin’ with the Genki Group!

November 23rd, 2009

the happiness of artists k, taka and yukino is utterly infectious. giggling, taking photos and enjoying the company of their visitors, these three women make really art FUN!

k, 22 and a part-time freelancer, enjoys beer, coffee and giraffes and her dream is ply her trade illustrating japan’s public baths;

taka, 23, is already a part-time illustrator who enjoys the sky, the sea and animals, and aspires to create memorable pieces, most enjoyably portraits;

yukino, 22, is an office worker who’s sole pleasure comes from sleeping. her perfect lifestyle would be a cat-like existence, eating, snoozing, maybe even licking herself.

today’s their last day, so rush down and let their exuberance rub off on you, you’ll feel better for meeting them, i know i do!

for more info, check them out at:




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