Corna Design in 2-A

December 4th, 2009

Just went down to hang out with the guys from Corna Design. Headed by founder Yoshida Takayuki, he’s rounded up a bunch of his silver studded mates and invaded 2-A. Yoshida-san is like a lot of our exhibitors, he’s working out the foundations of his business and using our great central location and liberal exhibition policy to reach customers in Tokyo. His product? Gesture rings.

These are some gothic themed costume jewellery, originally born from an idea to make more expressive use of your hands during live music gigs. He was a little shy about giving me the ROCK gesture himself, but these chunky silver rings definitely had some attitude that would get you noticed in the mosh pit.

We thank him for exhibiting at the gallery for a second time, and also at the event in May this year. Here til Sunday, Check them out.


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