Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt1

September 9th, 2013

Good day! This is lead web designer Samejima.

Welcome to the first installation of “New Staff Member Daichi’s Gallery Exploration”.

We’re going to introduce what Daichi comes across in his wanderings through the gallery.

First, an introduction.

Here is Daichi, posing in front of the West building.

“So…where should we start?”

“Let’s ask the gallery staff about the upcoming Zine Ten exhibition.”

“Kenya! How Zine Ten looking?”

“We’ve got a whole lot of artists signed up; it’s awesome.”

“…do you even know what Zine Ten is?”


“…wtf are you even doing here”

“My bad…”

“Zine Ten is the exhibition for artists that have put together their own magazines and stuff–no, not magazines. Like booklets, little books–their own work.”


“Right. Work that they’ve assembled together by themselves–really rare stuff that you can’t get in bookstores.”

“Artwork! That kind of work.”

“Right, like these. These kinds of zines I like.”

“Oh–! Like these! Their size and page count really makes you want to flip through them.”

“So? What do you think?”

“Fantastic! Really, really great.”

“I love this!”

(Are you just…are you just saying whatever?)


All zines on display at Zine Ten will be available for sale, straight from their artists!

We invite you to come and see these compilations of poetry, illustration, photography and more, hand-assembled by over 100 artists!

Design Festa Gallery “Trial” Exhibitions are unique to us alone, and you will find no better opportunity to see and be seen!

See upcoming Trial Exhibitions here:


And join us on our bilingual facebook page for more from Zine Ten!


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