Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt2: New Staff Member Megumi

October 4th, 2013

Hello again from lead web designer Samejima.

Welcome to the second installation of Daichi’s Gallery Exploration: New Staff Member Megumi!

What manner of wonderful meeting awaits Daichi?

On this cloudy day, Daichi takes a break outside for some fresh air.

Right! Let’s make another wonderful discovery today!

Daichi seen here in his favorite Simpsons T-shirt, designed in collaboration with Lichtenstein.

“So…where should we start?”

“Why don’t we go say hello to Megumi Koyama, our new staff member!”

(Megumi started just this month as our newest graphic designer)

“Hi Megumi! I’m Daichi.”

(Basic information: Born in Tokyo, lived in Australia in elementary school, studied near Boston in university, proficient in multiple languages, 23 years old!)

“Hi Daichi!”

“I’m one of the web designers! There is still a lot I don’t know much about, but I hope we’ll work well together!”

“Thanks! I don’t know about anything at all, so I’d appreciate your guidance!”

“Considering your language ability and your design experience, I’m really looking forward to working with you!”

“Thanks so much! How old are you, Daichi?”


“Me too! Let’s do our best!”

“Of–of course! (kawaii…)”

“(Kawaii…) Kawaii…uh–”


From December 14th to the 23rd, it’s the Harajuku Kawaii Exhibition!

A celebration of the quintessential Japanese word “kawaii”, held in the kawaii mecca of Harajuku. Put your genre-unrestricted illustrations, fashion, accessories, figures and more on display within the world of kawaii.

Details here!

(Visit here for part 1 of Daichi’s Gallery Exploration, and happy birthday to staff member Kenya who turned 26 yesterday)

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