Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt3: the Fascinating Female Photographers Exhibition

October 11th, 2013

Hello! This is lead web designer Samejima.

Welcome to the third installation of Daichi’s Gallery Exploration!

What awaits our hero this time?

Here’s the kid himself, standing out on the street and soaking up some sun.

Here’s to making another wonderful discovery!

And here we see Daichi wearing the exact same Simpons T-shirt he was during our last installment, viewable at this link.

“Where are we off to today?”

“Today we’re going to pay a visit to the Female Photographer’s Exhibition, in the East building until tomorrow! An amateur photographer myself, I’ve been looking forward to it.”

As soon as he enters the East building, Daichi comes across a poster advertising the exhibition.

“This is what we’re here to see, then.”

“Panda! Tell me about the Female Photographers Exhibition!”


(Basic information: Born in Gunma prefecture, former Design Festa exhibitor and volunteer, a bit aloof, very kind, rather mysterious.)

“Oh, Daichi. What do you think of the exhibition?”

“There’s a lot of symbolism at work! It’s very inspiring!”

“Yeah, it’s good to have opportunities to see a lot of photography all in one place like this. And since these photographers are all women, there are quite a few particularly gorgeous shots.”

“But why is the exhibition limited to female photographers?”

“Well, if you really need a reason—since it’s easier to use professional-quality photography equipment now than ever before, there are more amateur photographers these days. The number of women who always have a camera on hand has particularly increased, and they are the people we wanted to showcase in an exhibition.”

“Oh—that’s true, there are a lot of ladies that always have a camera with them around these days.”

“Exactly—which is why were able to put together such a varied exhibition.”

“I think I’ve just been inspired to be a part of it! Would it be all right if I snuck something in? I have some shots I’ve taken on my own, and it should be all right if it’s me, right?”


“Don’t get all cute with me, thinking I’ll bend the rules for you!”

“These aren’t just ‘some shots’. Each and every one represents someone’s memories and is a visual record of their past experiences.”

“Well—I have definitely become more interested in photography now than I was before. Everything moment you record with a camera is a part of a memory to be cherished in the future—like you said.”

“Exactly. Now enjoy the exhibition, because it ends tomorrow.”

“Yes sir! And I want to work more on my own photography, so as not to fall too far behind all the wonderful female photographers whose work we’ve assembled here.”


Feel free to reserve a space or showroom in the Design Festa Gallery at any time, by visiting this link!

And you can always contact us via email at info_e@designfesta.com with questions!

*Click here for Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt1, and click here for Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt2.

And thank you to gallery staff members Daichi, Panda and Kenya.

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