Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt4: Rush Report! Design Festa vol.38! (report 1)

October 28th, 2013

Daichi’s Gallery Exploration pt4: Rush Report! Design Festa vol.38! (report 1)

Hello from lead web designer Samejima.

Welcome to Daichi’s Gallery Exploration part 4!

Let’s see what Daichi comes across in his explorations today.

So, Daichi: where to today?

This is his “determined” face. He’s got a bit of a cold this time around, but, just like the previous installment, he’s going to put his all into this report!

“Today I’m going to investigate, not the gallery, but International Art Event Design Festa, to be held this weekend!”

November 2nd and 3rd will see the 38th installment of Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight.

Together with the gallery staff everyone is getting ready for the big days, so let’s go visit event coordinators today!

“Event coordinators! Please tell me about Design Festa!”

(Basic information: Left: Sarah, the energetic overseas media and international relations coordinator from California! Center: Yuu, the excitable surfer boy who just joined the company in June. He writes the Design Festa newsletter. Also, keep a look out for his “What kind of monjayaki?” blog posts! Right: Veteran staff member and master of the Japanese language, Korean lead coordinator Yun! Listen for her opening announcement at the start of Design Festa!

“I’d like to know more about the Design Festa event being held this weekend!”

“There will be so many people this time! We’ve got 3,300 booths lines up and over 11,000 artists!”

“Woah! I guess that’s what makes this Asia’s largest art event!”

“There will be a lot of people from overseas, too!”

“And that’s what makes it international! It is so enthusing to be able to exhibit alongside non-Japanese artists!”

“Oh—and there is some kind of new section?”

“That’s right. Something completely different from anything we’ve had before.”

“Ah…right…uh, and where is it?”

“The 4th floor rooftop space. Where once there was only bathrooms and a smoking area, there will now be restaurant stalls, performances and more: at the Art Park!”

“Ohhhh! There!? An increase in restaurant stalls, and more space to relax!”


“And we’re holding an Exhibitor After Party, just like at vol.36!”

“Woah! A chance for staff and exhibitors to participate together!”

“Precisely! And, seeing as this will be Yuu’s first time at Design Festa, why don’t you tell him a little about it, Daichi!”

“Right! Design Festa is…a place. And…a lot of people get all together, and they…buy…things. And they talk to…other people who are also…buying things. And there is performing involved. And…food. Lots of food. So, people should totally come to it on Sunday and Saturday. For buying and performing and eating.”

Yuu: “…he doesn’t actually have any idea.”

Sarah: “His Japanese sucks.”

Yun: “Is he all right…?”



Asia’s largest art and performance event! Taking place over two days (November 2nd and 3rd) at Tokyo Big sight!

Over 11,000 artists gathered together from all over the world, to the delight of tens of thousands of visitors!

Details here!

Purchasing tickets on the day of the event can be a bit of an adventure, so we recommend purchasing discounted advance-sale tickets!

Information here!

We’re ready to welcome you!

Also, original design tickets available for sale at at the Design Festa Office and Gallery in Harajuku!

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