A solo exhibition by French-born artist Maaax

December 27th, 2013

East gallery space 101……….


Welcome to the fascinating visual world of Maaax, a denizen of Tokyo for some 30 years and who in his own words decribes Tokyo as “a wonderful place ,where the people have active interest and enthusiasm” Recently returned to his home country, this solo painting exhibition contains the themes S&M , no, not what you are thinking,but perhaps close?…CIMG1785526CIMG1786839CIMG1787861 “sex & music” along with “SF” sex and flora, a series of paintings inspired by work in his beloved garden back home where he was struck by the feminine curves and various cacti and the hand-like qualities of leaves……hidden amongst the cavorting,entwined  male/female figures lurk dragons,snakes,collage,tantric & kama Sutric references and of course “rock n’ roll baby!”




…..talking to and listening to Maaax’s gravelly voice immediately conveys  the listener into  scenes of smoky,low-lit basement jazz and 70’s rock joints and the promise of illicit pleasures to be found there, you get the very real feeling that this is an artist who has truly embraced life as seen by his passionate works……….enjoy this 2 years worth of driven soul-searching creativity!.


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