The Meow Exhibition, vol.4

February 10th, 2014

The insanely popular Meow Exhibition is back for its fourth annual installment!

This fourth installation of the exhibition for and by cat lovers will see the transformation of the largest of the gallery’s exhibition rooms into 20 separate booth spaces!



Exhibition spaces A through H : 34,000 yen.


Exhibition Spaces I through L : 30,450 yen.

Exhibition Spaces M through O : 33,000 yen.

Exhibition Spaces P through R : 35,800 yen.

Registration Periods:

East Building Exhibition Spaces: Applications Accepted from Saturday, February 15th

West Building Exhibition Room 2A and Art Piece Exhibition Spaces: Applications Accepted from Saturday March 1st

East Building Art Piece Exhibition Spaces: Application Accepted from Sunday, June 1st

*Registration for the locations above concludes when all have sold out.

*West Building Art Piece walls will be rented by one-fourths, not separate, 525-yen-a-day sections.

*525-yen-a-day Art Piece Exhibition Spaces are available only in the East Building.

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