April 26th, 2010


seen above from left to right are married couple Jell-O and Yumi Oi visiting DF staff member Ken catching up with each other at the gallery this afternoon……..they have all been good friends for more than 30 years! Jell-O an ex-pro skater is also more famously known under his graffiti/tagging name GIGAONE and met his crazy dancing wife Yumi in 92 when they were both at the same gig and while on honeymoon in NYC dropped by to visit Ken who was living in the US at the time………..

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  1. Yumi as Yummy
    July 28th, 2010 at 19:21 | #1

    Cheers Nigel!

    I could finaly found this page.
    Just want to say Ta-Ta!

    Yumi as Yummy and Jell-O as sweet as Jell-O

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