From Australia Felt Artist Rannan “Unicorn”

February 9th, 2016


Rannan (Rhiannon Thomas) is an artist from Melbourne, Australia. She studied animation at university. Her current artworks explore the felting medium.
She likes animals, fantasy and making things…………

Q) How was Design Festa?

“Pretty good!, nice lighting and i had some good people come by,visitors and fellow artists to comment,chat,and buy!”



Each beast is unique. They are all handmade using special techniques including, needle felting, moulding plastics and sculpting.


Unicorns are a symbol of imagination, wandering minds returning to childhood, a love of the familiar & fear of the unknown. Please visit Rannan here or catch her next exhibition in MYOGADANI’s CAFE GALLERIA where she will be featured as one of their “monthly artists” from June 1st until the 30th!


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