Introducing…. introD!

July 14th, 2009

introD are a colorful collective of young, aspiring and pretty cool artists and illustrators who exude a natural excitement for their work, as well as positive personal energy. except for a few more intricate pieces, their group exhibition was mainly made up of wall-based illustrations, some of which were uber-cool, even beatnik-esque, which i found strange for such youthful artists.

however, age does not matter – it’s the art that counts, and i really, really liked some of their work. using the white walls of the gallery as their collective canvass, they reinterpreted the conventional rainbow of colors by purples, blues, oranges as well as other, more conventional rainbow colors.

so if you’re around the west gallery 1D space before the 19th, then why not pop in and take a look. i am sure that ayumi, na young chul, uchicha, matsushita and yuka would love to try to speak with you.



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