Intern files: Last Day

December 15th, 2010


So today is my last day as an intern at Design Festa Gallery. Of course I’m really sad, I’m not as happy as my picture looks!  I’ve had a lot of fun here in the gallery and being able to work at Design Festa vol. 32 was awesome.  The staff was really kind to me, they are really laid-back back so it was no pressure (I understood this later on).  They helped me a lot with any random questions I had like where can I get a cheap suitcase to what’s the fastest way to get to a movie theater so I can catch the 7:30 showing of Harry Potter. Kenny, my supervisor, made me temporary DJ on Wednesdays, but sometimes I’d forget there was no music playing and I’m pretty sure I didn’t play it loud enough (sorry about that lol).

Some memorable moments at DFG:
– Kenny and Kozue helping my friends and I find a cafe John Lennon once ate at for 30 minutes… we never found it but Kozue took us to a cool restaurant!

– Mopping the dyed-floors…yeah, no, don’t do that. < It was the second day!

– Watching Hye-won beat up staff members with the green bat in the office

– Getting beat up by Hye-won

– Getting schooled/teased by Stephen (at Design Festa vol 32)

– Taking pictures of/with people in cosplay, some were kind of scary (at Design Festa vol 32)

– Having lunch outside with friends looking at Odiba (at Design Festa vol 32)

– (at Design Festa vol 32) The awesome staffband that got me everywhere without being stamped (which is cool, but not cooler than the armbands)

– All of Yaoki’s music choices (I think this is why I like house music now) and his outbursts (he makes different voices)

– Yusuke yelling HEY every Wednesday morning

– Maiko & Sara suggesting places for me to visit before I leave Japan

-Losing my notebook and textbook in the gallery and finding it a day before my finals =/

– Getting to work on Nigel’s labtop!

-Nica walking away (running away) from the man who kept talking about military hats in DF Cafe

-Interviewing Ken and Nica for my presentation (note: Ken, you did it grudgingly but THANKS KEN, I PASSED!!!!)

-Using the outdoor broom inside the gallery, also a no…don’t do that. < I think that was the third day…

-Watching Nigel listen to people speak Japanese, hilarious!

– Tsukasa’s screensavers! They’re pretty funny.

-Yaoki’s preparations for pictures is really funny he always has the blanket!

-Constantly forgetting the password to the blog

– Nigel buying me my first two drinks ever and then everything after that…

I could keep going on but I won’t bore you all. I had a great experience here, I’m really sad I couldn’t communicate with everyone (next time I come back!!) I met so many different people from all over the world.  I hope to come back and visit some day.  Good luck with everything DFG staff! And good luck to the next intern, have fun!

Christine S.

P.S. I’ll probably be back on Saturday, as a visitor! =)

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