Design Festa Gallery Cafe


The DF Cafe and okonomiyaki restaurant Sakura Tei at the Design Festa Gallery.
Here at Sakura Tei, you are free to enjoy any manner of okonomiyaki and teppanyaki you like.Experience the uniquely artistic interior design that begins the moment you pass through the restaurant doors and are greeted by the exhibition of original artwork by an entire collection of artists.
Often patronized by gallery exhibitors, it is an excellent location for delicious cultural and conversational exchanges.
The Design Festa Gallery invites any and all guests to pay a visit to its DF Cafe and Sakura Tei establishments.

Sakura Tei

Name Sakura Tei
Details Teppanyaki・Okonomiyaki
Open Daily
Hours 11am - 11pm
TEL +81-3-3479-0039

DF cafe

Name Design Festa Cafe
Details Light Meals・Drinks
Open Daily"Holidays12/30~1/3"
Hours 12am - 10pm
TEL +81-3-3479-0839