• Nails and thumbtacks are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
    Nails can be no more than 2mm in thickness.
    ※If wishing to hang a heavy display, please use more rather than thicker nails.
  • Reusable adhesive rubber (i.e. Blu-Tack) is very well suited to displaying paper and lightweight work on gallery walls.
  • ※Blu-Tack (or a similar product) can also be used to affix lightweight displays to gallery ceilings, but please inform gallery staff before attempting.
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  • Screws and drywall anchors prohibited.
  • Tape prohibited, with the exception of masking tape.
  • Double-sided tape, packing tape and command tab fasteners prohibited on gallery walls and gallery floors.
  • Show spaces cannot be painted, including gallery walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Please approach gallery staff with any questions pertaining to prohibited fasteners.
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  • At the close of the last day of your exhibition, any holes left in the walls will need to be filled in and the space returned to its original state.
    For this purpose, putty cement is available for rent from gallery counters for \300.
  • Approach any member of gallery staff before 8pm in order to have your exhibition area checked once you have completed clean up.
  • ※A checkout extending past 8pm and/or damaged walls may be subject to additional fees.
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