• Work can be sold to visitors on the artist’s behalf, but artists are asked to please be responsible for their own financial transactions in the event they are present in their show space.
  • In order for work to be sold on an exhibitor’s behalf, merchandise for sale must be marked with its price and the show space number, and the appropriate form filled out and submitted to the gallery counter. Sales profits will be available for collection from the gallery counter on the final day of an exhibition. *The Design Festa Gallery cannot be held responsible for issues arising between artist and visitor pertaining to financial transactions.
    ※The Design Festa Gallery cannot provide instruction, wrapping or restocking services.
    ※Sales profits recorded according to show space. The Design Festa Gallery cannot divide profits according to individual in the event multiple exhibitors share a single show space.
    ※If a visitor wishes to make a purchase that they cannot carry-out (i.e., they require shipping at a later date) while an exhibitor is away from their space, gallery staff cannot record the visitor’s personal or financial information on the exhibitor’s behalf.
    Exhibitors are encouraged to provide contact information and/or business cards from their show spaces in order to foster direct communication with their visitors.


  • Each work available for sale must be individually marked with its price and your show space number.
  • Please mark your work in an easily viewable location, as unmarked work cannot be sold.

    Example: WEST: AP-10 \100 or WEST: 1-A \100

    ※Postcards should be placed in protective plastic wrapping that has been marked with space number and price. Three-dimensional works should also be wrapped and price tagged.
    ※Work that cannot be wrapped in protective plastic must still be price tagged. Space number and price should be marked on the reverse side of paintings and/or illustrations, or listed below if the work is displayed on a wall.
Gallery seal tag entry example