• On the first day of your exhibition check in with gallery staff at the counter on the first floor of either gallery building.
  • Design Festa Gallery exhibitions are restricted to original work only. Fan art and re-selling is prohibited.
  • Exhibitors are free to sell their work and are charged no commission fees, but transactions are the responsibility of the artist and the Design Festa Gallery accepts no responsibility for issues arising thereof.
  • Please contact the gallery in advance if you wish to host a musical or dance performance from your show space, as there are restrictions in place to help exhibitors refrain from infringing upon one another, their visitors and the surrounding community. The use of speakers and amplifiers is strictly prohibited, and any complaints received will result in the suspension of your performance.
  • The sale of food and/or drinks is prohibited.
  • Smoking inside of gallery buildings is prohibited, but covered outdoor smoking areas are available.
  • If you intend to include flammable materials in your exhibition, please consult with gallery staff beforehand.
  • Including incense or strong odors in your exhibition is prohibited.
  • No parking available for visitor or exhibitor use. Please utilize nearby public parking areas.
  • As your exhibition will be on public display, we seek your understanding if it is featured on blogs and/or fliers for advertising purposes.
  • In the event of dangerous weather or natural disasters wherein it is necessary for the gallery to close for the safety of our exhibitors and visitors, please understand that exhibition fees are nonrefundable and exhibition dates cannot be rescheduled.
  • To reserve an Art Piece space for less than a week you must apply at least one month in advance.


  • If no exhibition fees are received within one week of your application being submitted, your application will be cancelled automatically. Canceling your exhibition over six months prior to your exhibition date will incur a 25% fee.
    Exhibitions cancelled within six months will incur a 50% fee.
    Exhibition cancelled within one month will not be refunded.
  • Exhibitions may be booked as soon as one week in advance but reservation fees cannot be refunded in the event of cancellation.


  • Visit the SELLING page for more information on sales regulations and price tagging.
  • Design Festa Gallery exhibitors are charged no commission fees.
  • Gallery staff cannot restock exhibitor merchandise.
  • In the event an exhibitor requires the shipping of oversized work, shipping and packing materials can be stored in the gallery on the exhibitor’s behalf.
  • Gallery staff cannot issue receipts.
  • The Design Festa Gallery accepts no responsibility for any theft of or damage to exhibitor work, or for issues arising from financial transactions between exhibitor and visitor.


  • Visit the HOW TO EXHIBIT page to learn more about what materials can and cannot be used in Design Festa Gallery show spaces.
  • Please do not paint on gallery walls, ceilings or floors. The use of tape and nails on gallery ceilings and floors is prohibited.
  • While it is possible to request the use of gallery equipment on the day of your exhibition, availability is not guaranteed. It is therefore recommended that you reserve your desired equipment in advance.
  • Only two artists can be present in the West Building Art Pocket. No artists can be present in the Art Piece areas in the West or East buildings. Background music, etc., is forbidden in the Art Pocket and Art Piece areas. Desks and/or tables used in the Art Piece area must not exceed a width greater than 40cm.
  • The amount of light fixtures and whether or not they can be dimmed varies by space, so please confirm in advance what is available in your preferred space. Adjustable fixtures can be rearranged to suit your exhibition.
  • Feel free to bring any equipment to the gallery you require for use in your exhibition, but please provide your own tools for the setup of your displays.
  • In order to make use of gallery projectors, please provide your own connection cables.
  • Any loss or damage to gallery equipment is the financial responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own personal belongings and the Design Festa Gallery does not accept liability for loss or damage to exhibitor property.
  • The Design Festa Gallery is not liable for the legality of exhibited work and cannot act on any exhibitor’s behalf in the event any issues arise.


  • Setup begins at 10am on the first day of your exhibition. The Design Festa Gallery is open to the public between 11am and 8pm everyday.
  • Each exhibitor is permitted to ship one cardboard box (under 520 x 425 x 480 mm) per space they have reserved, but please inform gallery staff beforehand. Write your space number and exhibition dates on the box along with your name and arrange for delivery between 5 and 7pm on the day before the start of your exhibition. If a larger box is necessary to suit your needs, please approach gallery staff.
  • At the close of the last day of your exhibition, any holes left in the walls will need to be filled in and the space returned to its original state. For this purpose, putty cement is available for rent from gallery counters for \300.
  • Approach any member of gallery staff before 8pm in order to have your exhibition area checked once you have completed clean up.
  • Arrangements for the shipping of work are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Cash on Delivery can be arranged at gallery counters in either building. Work and/or equipment cannot be left behind in the gallery for shipping the day following the close of an exhibition.
  • Damaged walls will incur fees starting from \15,000.