Many special privileges only for DFG exhibitors!
Introduction of special privileges for DFG exhibitors!
Please utilise our discounted lunch, accommodation and exhibition.
Lunch is only 525yen
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10% OFF for Okonomiyaki
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10% OFF for accommodation
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10% OFF for rental equipment
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DFG lunch menu served with soup for exhibitors is 525yen!!(can be delivered to each space)
A special priced DFG original lunch menu is 525yen whatever you order!
※Soft drinks are available for plus 100yen.(Coffee, Coke, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Apple Juice)
※Please also enjoy the following food menu.
Taco Rice
Chicken Masala Curry
10% OFF for Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki!
Sakuratei in collaboration with DFG offers 10%OFF for DFG exhibitors.
※This 10%OFF coupon cannot be used with another coupon or for set course menu.
※Click here for other menus
10% OFF for accommodation! Please utilise this useful accommodation plan for your exhibition!
Our group company "Sakura Hotel" located in various areas around Tokyo offers 10% OFF the accommodation fee only for DFG exhibitors.
If you are exhibiting from outside of Tokyo, please consider staying at Sakura Hotel.
※Please note that your accommodation duration must be within 1week before/after your exhibition dates.
※Please make your reservation through SAKURA HOTEL's website or by phone call (03-3261-3939)
※Please mention in the reservation form that you are a DFG exhibitor and the duration of your exhibition.
Sakura Hostel in Asakusa
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Sakura Hotel in Hatagaya
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Sakura Hotel in Ikebukuro
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Sakura Hotel in Jinbocho
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10% OFF for rental equipment!!
If you mentioned to any of our 2 rental equipment companies that you are introduced by DFG, your rental equipment fee will be 10%OFF.(Only available as long as you hold your exhibition at DFG in Harajuku)
※Please contact the following companies for the rental equipment.
Rental for all exhibitions
Company name:[Rental for all exhibitions] SUZUYA Ltd.
Company address: 4-10-19 Iriya, Adachiku, Tokyo 121-0836
Company phone number /03-3853-7151
Company name:[e-Delica] Delica Ltd.
Company address: 2-14-15 Meguro, Meguroku, Tokyo 153-0063
Company phone number/03-3792-2511
Kogeisha Ltd.(Free delivery only, no 10% discount)
Company name: Kogeisha Ltd.
Company address: 6-17-5 Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo 113-0033
Company phone number /03-5684-7333
Rental equipment brochure: To download(50MB)
※Your delivery fee will be free
Any inquiries regarding the special privileges for DFG exhibitors only.
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