DFG special set menu is just 3,000yen!※For 4people(can be delivered to your exhibition space)
For DFG exhibitors only at the special price of just 3,000yen!(Including dessert)
※This set-menu image is for 4people.
※Drinks are not included within this price.
How about DFG special set-menu for the following situations?
■For your exhibition's opening party.
■Exchange party for exhibitors.
■With your frineds and visitors.
■For your exhibition's closing party.
■After party for exhibitors.
To reserve DFG special set-menu
■DFG special set-menu (Curry/ French Fri/ Nachos/ Salad/ Toast/ Pan cake).
※Please understand that the DFG special set-menu may changes season by season.
■This sent menu is for 4people
■Reservation is available from 1person. Please notify us if you will cancel at least 3days before the reserved date.Thank you.
■Please order your drinks at the counter cash only.
■Please feel free to contact us for any further questions regarding your special set-menu.
DFG lunch menu served with soup for exhibitors is 525yen!!(can be delivered to each space)
A special priced DFG original lunch menu is 525yen whatever you order!
※Soft drinks are available for plus 100yen.(Coffee, Coke, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Apple Juice)
※Please also enjoy the following food menu.
Fried rice with chopped Soba noodle
Dry Curry
Taco Rice
Yukke Rice Bowl
Sliced raw tuna w/egg + seaweed
Monthly Special Menu
Drink menu
World famous beers from 500yen. Cocktails from 315yen. Coffee from 190yen.
※Click here for more drink menu
World famous beers
Soft drink
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