+ Accessing the Design Festa Gallery

Q. Is parking available?
A. There is no parking at the gallery. Please utilize nearby public parking areas.
Q. May I take pictures of the exhibitions?
A. You will need to ask the artists directly to receive permission to photograph their work.
If the artist is not in attendance, please approach gallery staff.

+ Applying for a Show Space

Q. When can I apply to exhibit?
A. Up to one year in advance.
Q. How can I apply?
A.Either through this website or by submitting the form included in Design Festa Gallery application fliers. Please see the online schedule to confirm what show spaces are currently available before applying.
Q. How can I check what show spaces are already reserved?
A. Scheduled exhibitions and days available for reservation are viewable online here.

+ Paying for your Reserved Show Space

Q. How soon do I have to pay after applying?
A. Please pay at least 50% of your balance within one week of submitting your application. You will need to pay the remaining balance at least one month prior to the start date of your exhibition.
Q. How do I pay?
A. Accepted payment methods are online via credit card or bank transfer or at the Design Festa Gallery in cash.
Q. How do I pay by credit card?
A.Payment information will be sent to the email address listed on your application, and in order to pay by credit card your balance must exceed \10,000.
Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and Dinners.
Q.Do I have to pay the transfer fees if I pay by bank transfer?
A.Transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer. Thank you for your understanding.
Q. Can I change the payment method I chose when I applied?
A.Please contact the gallery.

+ Exhibiting at the Design Festa Gallery

Q. How do I exhibit at the Design Festa Gallery?
A.First confirm what days are available for reservation via the online exhibition schedule or by visiting the Design Festa Gallery. You will need to pay at least 50% of your balance within one week of applying.
Q. Can I sell anything during my exhibition?
A. Yes, please feel free. The Design Festa Gallery does not charge any commission fees from sales made by its exhibitors.
Q.When can I setup, and by when does my space have to be cleaned up?
A.You can start setting up from 10am on the first day of your exhibition. Your space needs to be cleaned up and checked by a gallery staff member by 8pm on the final day, and checkouts extending beyond this time may be subjected to additional fees.
Q.Can I mail in things I need to use during my exhibition to the gallery?
A.Each exhibitor is permitted to ship one cardboard box (under 520 x 425 x 480 mm) per space they have reserved, but please inform gallery staff beforehand.
Write your space number and exhibition dates on the box along with your name and arrange for delivery between 5 and 7pm on the day before the start of your exhibition.
Q. Where will my exhibition be advertised?
A.Your exhibition will be listed on the live exhibition showcase page.You can submit information for this page online here, via post or directly at the Design Festa Gallery.
Q. What equipment is available for rent?
A.Hammers, stepladders and nail extractors are available at gallery counters for use free of charge, but please provide your own nails, pins and/or thumbtacks. You can view desks, chairs and other equipment available for exhibitor use on the rental equipment page.
Q. Can I go to the gallery and start exhibiting right away without a reservation?
A. If there is space available, feel free to take advantage at by first approaching gallery staff.
Q. Can I paint on the walls of my show space?
A. Painting on show space walls, floors or ceilings is prohibited.
Q. Can I use nails or tape on show space floors or ceilings?
A. The use of nails and/or tape on show space floors and ceilings is prohibited.
Q. Can I display fan art during my exhibition?
A. Design Festa Gallery exhibitions are restricted to original work only.
Q. What happens if gallery equipment becomes lost or broken during my exhibition?
A.Cost of repairs and/or replacements are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
Q. Can I leave fliers at the gallery that advertise my exhibition?
A.Feel free, but please provide them directly to gallery staff to be put on display.
Q. What happens if my personal belongings become lost or broken during my exhibition?
A.The Design Festa Gallery assumes no responsibility for the personal belongings of its exhibitors.
Q. Can I exhibit food or perishables?
A. Feel free to display anything you wish (with the exception of raw foods and items with a strong odor), but the sale of food and/or drinks is prohibited.
Q. Can I put on performances (musical, dance, etc) from my show space?
A.Please contact gallery staff for details pertaining to sound-related performances, as there are restrictions in place to help exhibitors refrain from infringing upon one another, their visitors and the surrounding community.
The use of speakers and amplifiers is strictly prohibited, and any complaints received will result in the suspension of your performance.

+ Additional Questions

Q. I am a visiting artist. Can you recommend accommodations in your area?
A. Design Festa Gallery, in partnership with Sakura Hotel/Sakura Hostel,
provides visiting artists with accommodations in convenient locations around Harajuku.
Visit our corporate partner’s website for more information: http://www.sakura-hotel.co.jp/
Q.Where can I download maps and/or logos for use in advertising my exhibition?
A. Advertising materials are available here for download.
Q.Are there any staff members who speak English?
A.English-speaking gallery staff members are present every day. Please approach any member of gallery staff if you need assistance in English.
Q.Can you link to my webpage if I link to you?
A.No, we cannot.
Q.Do you sell drinks?
A.Refreshments are available at the Design Festa Cafe & Bar and Sakura Tei okonomiyaki restaurant, both located between the West and East gallery buildings.
Q.Where can I view past exhibitions?
A. Past exhibitions can be seen here.
Q. Can I buy work from artists during their exhibitions?
A. Work can be purchased during exhibitions if it has been properly price tagged, but please first confirm with the artist or gallery staff.