DFG Project "EAT ART" exhibition Calling Artists!! October 14th(Sun) to 20th(Sat) 2012
“Beauty will be edible or will not exist.”Dali, the surrealist wrote it by parodying Breton.

We have to “eat “ to live. So to “eat” and food are themes that are familiar to everyone. A lot of artists relate their works to “eat”. For example, Hayao Miyazaki, Jan Svankmajer, Tsuyoshi Ozawa(Veritable Weapon), food creation(whose statement is to deliver the concept into your stomach), “Sweets Prince”Osamu Watanabe, Fareeza Terunuma(Appetite and sexual desire).

While there is serious shortage of food in the world due to abnormal weather, increase of population, we waste huge amounts of food in Japan. Ironically there are problems with anorexia, obesity, and food safety especially after 3.11.

The time has come to reconsider “eat” through “art”. We aim this exhibition at those artists who want to “eat” by their “art”.
Project guideline
Calling artists for Design Festa Gallery presents "EAT ART" exhibition!Anything related to "EAT ART" in any genres can be exhibited.Challenge yourself and your "On The Edge" artwork with our new project!
Application guideline
■Dates:October 14th(Sun) to 20st(Sat) 2012
■Hours:11am to 8pm
■Location:Design Festa Gallery Harajuku all spaces
■Exhibition Fee:From 3,150 yen (Price may different depends on the spaces)Click here to see a price-list for gallery spaces
■Guideline for artworks:As long as your artworks are original and belong to the project theme.
■Gallery Space sizes:They are different depends on the spaces [Click here to see more gallery space detail]
Guidelines for your exhibitions
About applications
■Closing deadline:Once all spaces are sold out
■Gallery west spaces are available as weekly only
■Applications for gallery east spaces are available from minimum 3days
■All Art-piece spaces are available as weekly only
3-20-2, Jingumae,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 [Access]
E-mail:[email protected]