■Dates/June 23th(Sun)~29th(Sat)2013
■Open hours:11am to 8pm
Tired of fake fashion?
These days it’s impossible to escape from fast, low cost, mass produced, copycat fashions. DFG is looking for highly original, off the wall, cutting edge and innovative trendsetters to join our creative fashion event!!
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■Dates/April 7th(Sun) to 13th(Sat) 2013
■Open hours:11am to 8pm
"SLOW ART EXHIBITION" will be back!! It became a "BIENNALE"
What is "SLOW ART"? Well....,anything odd, undefinable and inexpllicably amusing!!
So, if you'd like to express your "off the wall"(but with the high receptivity...)quirkyart, please jump in this funky and cool(with big grin) project "SLOW ART BIENNALE"!!
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Project「EAT ART」
■Dates:October 14th(Sun) to 20th(Sat) 2012
■Open hours:11am to 8pm
Calling artists for Design Festa Gallery presents "EAT ART" exhibition!Anything related to "EAT ART" in any genres can be exhibited.Challenge yourself and your "On The Edge" artwork with our new project!
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Fellowship Party
■Dates:October 14th(Sun) 2012
■Open hours:7pm start!
The fellowship party will be held in DF Cafe & Bar!! Everyone welcome!!Communicate with artists and visitors through art and over tasty food and freshly made cocktails and coffees.
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Project「Meow Exhibition2」
■Dates:Jan 6th(Sun) to 19th(Sat) 2013
■Open hours:11am to 8pm
Calling all CAT Lovers! DFG Project "Meow Exhibition part2"will be held in January 2013! Cat art, Cat objet, Cat illustration, Cat photography and even Cat fashions will be gathering in DESIGN FESTA GALLERY HARAJUKU!! Anything Cat related welcome!
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3-20-2, Jingumae,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 [Access]